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Why you should Use PHAT Services…

PHAT Services is a firm based in Andover, Hampshire in the UK.

We are not one firm, rather, we are multiple private hire and taxi firms licenced by Test Valley Borough Council, all in one place!

We’ve developed an app, where you can book lifts not only with ourselves, but with 35 other firms too!

If you have a favourite firm or Taxi in Andover, then download our app and book them!

If you’re not fussed who gives you a lift, still download the app and let us find someone for you!

Rest assured, with the PHAT App – you only have to book once!

Gone are the days of having to ring around, blocked phone lines, busy receptionists who are trying to hurry you along. Book on the PHAT App and have us do it all for you, with Andover’s Finest Private Hire and Taxi firms at the helm!

The PHAT App also allows you to call your driver directly and share your location with loved ones who may be worried, simply click ‘Share location’ type in where it is you’re going and send it to your loved one.

My Story

Ex- banking business Manager, Adam Phillips, set up PHAT Services, Based in the heart of Andover after realising that getting a lift in Andover was actually quite tricky. He liked the idea of Uber – but didn’t like the way they have a hold over their drivers and how customers don’t have a say in who they get. This has all changed.

Now you can select who you want (or don’t want!) and only ask once!

Asking for a lift can be very tedious, engaged phone lines, followed by finally getting through and being told ”…it’ll be at least an hour before anyone can get to you…” well, this all changes today!